Tannhäuser, Teatro Real, Madrid 2009
Tuesday, 07 July 2009 14:24    PDF Print E-mail


"A new erotic, some might say pornographic, version of Wagner’s ‘Tannhäuser’ has had its royal premiere in the Teatro Real in Madrid. Queen Sofia was among the audience on Friday night for the work which opens directly into an orgy.

Directed by the Briton, Ian Judge, some critics said if anything he had erred on the conservative side, but the public told reporters that they had thoroughly enjoyed the spectacle. German tenor, Peter Seiffert, is considered to have one of the best voices of the moment.

Judge’s version is not that different from the one which Wagner created 150 years ago, with what is depicted on stage intended to be a faithful reproduction of reality. Tannhäuser is an artist dedicated to pleasure, who rebels against conventional and oppressive parts of society. Madrid society appeared however to understand him perfectly." - Typically Spanish