Simon Boccanegra - Video Interview with Ian Judge
Saturday, 04 July 2009 14:47    PDF Print E-mail

Verdi's Simon Boccanegra is a tale of plots, rebellion, betrayal, assassination and passion.

In the class-driven battle for the control of 14th-century Genoa, the embattled Doge of the city also faces the consequences of his past as they lead -- through an estranged daughter, her competing suitors and a life-long enemy -- to his own death. Presented here by The Royal Opera in the version of 1881 and in a revision of Ian Judge's production from 1997 (whose Council Chamber setting will be seen at the Royal Opera House for the first time), Lucio Gallo takes on the demanding and impressive title role.

With Gabriele Adorno (Marcus Haddock), Amelia's lover, caught in the machinations of the villainous Paolo (Marco Vratogna) and the vengeful Fiesco (Orlin Anastassov), it makes for a potent combination of family drama and political intrigue, set to a rich Verdi score of melody and atmosphere.